Denied Idaho Workers’ Compensation Claim?

A serious work injury usually causes physical pain and financial trouble. Medical bills, lost wages, and time spent at doctors’ appointments literally add insult to injury.

The Idaho workers’ compensation system is meant to provide sure and certain relief to Idaho’s injured workers. Work comp payments includes time loss benefits, medical benefits, disability benefits, and even retraining. Unfortunately, many injured workers are denied workers’ compensation benefits and don’t get the help they need.

If you’ve suffered an Idaho work comp injury and don’t feel the insurance company or your employer are helping like they should, contact Goicoechea Law to see if we can help.

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Don’t Delay Your Idaho Work Comp Claim for COVID-19!

Idaho Work Comp

Hurt at work? Delaying your Idaho workers’ compensation claim for COVID-19 may cost you your rights!

At Goicoechea Law, we provide quality legal services to the injured and disabled workers in Idaho despite the pandemic.

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