Lewiston Idaho Work Comp Injury?

Idaho Work Comp
Many jobs in Lewiston Idaho expose workers to risk of injury

Lewiston Idaho Work Injury?

Lewiston’s industry involves many jobs that expose workers to potential injury. Idaho workers are injured daily. Injuries may require surgery, result in lost wages, and leave the injured worker with permanent disabilities. Work injuries often result in overdue bills, empty bank accounts, and sometimes bankruptcy.

Idaho Workers’ Compensation Insurance Carriers regularly deny valid claims

Idaho’s workers’ compensation system is supposed to protect Idaho’s workers, but Idaho work comp insurance carriers are often reluctant to pay injured workers what the law requires. If you’ve suffered a work injury and question whether you’re getting the legal benefits you deserve, contact an experienced Idaho work comp lawyer for a a FREE case review.

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Idaho Workers’ Compensation Injuries

North Idaho is home to some of the most beautiful scenery in the world and some of the most dangerous jobs in the state.

According to the Idaho Industrial Commission, approximately 45,000 workers are injured every year in Idaho. Despite suffering a valid workers’ compensation claim, many Idaho workers will have their work comp benefits denied. Workers’ compensation insurance companies often dispute all or part of a valid claim.

Idaho insurance companies often deny valid workers’ compensation claims.

Insurance companies may deny medical bills, lost wages (temporary total disability), permanent partial impairment, permanent disability in excess of impairment, and retraining. In our experience, Idaho work comp insurance carriers routinely deny benefits that should be paid.

If you’ve suffered an Idaho work injury and have any question about your benefits, you should contact an experienced Idaho workers’ compensation lawyer. Call (208) 743-2313 or complete the Free Case Review form below.

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