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Idaho work injuries happen every day

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Workers’ Compensation insurance carriers often deny or unreasonably delay benefit payments for Idaho work injuries. We help with medical bills, lost wages, impairment, permanent disability, and more.

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Reporting a Coeur d’Alene Idaho Work Injury

What should you do if you suffer an Idaho work accident or are injured on the job in Idaho? Your actions following a work injury may make the difference between and accepted or denied workers’ compensation claim.

If you’ve suffered a work injury in Coeur d’Alene, or anywhere else in Idaho, you should do the following:

  • Report an Idaho work accident or on-the-job injury to your supervisor immediately.
  • Ask your employer to file a Notice of Injury be filed with the Idaho Industrial Commission.
  • If you need medical attention, see a doctor as soon as possible. Tell the doctor how the accident and work injury happened and where it hurts.
  • Follow your doctor’s orders – and ask about what you shouldn’t do.
  • Don’t sign anything without legal advice.
  • If your Idaho work comp claim is denied or if you are confused, contact an experienced Idaho work injury attorney for legal help.
Coeur d'Alene Idaho Workers' Compensation First Report of Injury
Idaho Workers’ Compensation Notice of Injury

By following these steps, the workers’ compensation insurance carrier is more likely to accept your claim. If your claim is denied or you have concerns about how your claim is being handled, contact us for a free case review.

Coeur d’Alene Work Injury – Maximizing Your Benefits

An Idaho work injury often leaves the injured worker with medical bills and missed work. Increased bills and lost wages often cause stress about just paying bills.

Thankfully, Idaho workers’ compensation benefits are usually available after an on-the-job injury. Benefits can include medical benefits, lost wages, permanent disability benefits, and retraining.

With work comp, you don’t have to prove that your employer did something wrong. Instead, you only have to show that the accident happened at work. Even though the Idaho work injury system is supposed to be friendly to injured workers, often the work comp insurance carrier will deny a claim.

Work Comp Denial
Denied Coeur d’Alene Work Injury Claim

Some of the best ways to maximize your benefits are to:

-Inform your employer immediately of any work injuries
-Get medical treatment immediately
-Follow up with you the work comp insurance carrier
-Contact an experienced work injury attorney if you are having difficulties

If you want to ensure you are receiving the proper benefits and want to maximize your recovery, you can contact an experienced Idaho work comp lawyer.

We help injured workers in Coeur d’Alene and throughout North Idaho.

Coeur d’Alene Work Comp Lawyer

Idaho Workers' Compensation First Report of Injury
Coeur d’Alene Idaho Workers’ Compensation – Notice of Injury

Workers are injured daily in Idaho. Once hurt at work, an injured worker is in the Idaho workers’ compensation system. Adjusters at the Idaho State Insurance Fund and other work comp insurance companies deal with workers’ compensation claims every day. This may be your first time suffering an Idaho work injury.

Level the playing field by contacting an experienced Idaho work comp lawyer. Helping Idaho’s injured workers is what we do.

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