Insurance Secrets

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Insurance Secrets

7 Insurance Secrets the Adjuster does not want you to know

Secret #1: The insurance adjuster has “reserved” a certain amount of money to settle your case, and may get a bonus from his boss, if you agree to settle your case for less than the reserves. The insurance adjuster will not tell you how much money he has reserved to settle your case. Let us fight for you and maximize the settlement on your case.

Secret #2: The at-fault insurance company will not actually pay your medical bills and lost wages unless you sign a release and settle your case. Call us and we’ll tell you why under Idaho and Washington law.

Secret #3: You do not have to sign a medical records authorization for the at-fault insurance adjustor. Call us and we’ll tell you why and what can be done to revoke a previously signed authorization.

Secret #4: A recorded statement is NOT required to process your case. The insurance adjustor is just trying to get you to say something that will help them deny or delay your case. Your statement is not Hearsay and is admissible in court.

Secret #5: If a friend or family member is at-fault for the collision, you can still recover directly from the insurance company for your injuries AND it will not come out of your friend’s or family member’s pocket. Call us and we will explain.

Secret #6: A gap in treatment or taking a “wait and see” approach with your medical care hurts your case and only helps the insurance company. If you are having difficulty getting medical treatment, we have ideas and strategies that may help you get treatment now for your injuries.

Secret #7: The insurance adjuster is NOT on your side, even on an Uninsured or Underinsured Motorist case. We have your best interests in mind, the adjustor does not.

Goicoechea Law Offices

The lawyers at Goicoechea Law Offices, LLP, have handled cases against virtually all of the major insurance companies in Idaho and Washington. We have resolved cases against companies like: State Farm; Farm Bureau; Farmers; Geico; Allstate; Progressive; Travelers; AIG; American Family; Liberty Mutual; Safeco; the Hartford; USAA; PEMCO; Unitrin; and many others. Our lawyers work to ensure that you obtain the damages to which you are entitled under Idaho or Washington law.

If you need more specific information, or would like to talk with a lawyer, call our attorneys at Goicoechea Law Offices, LLP, toll free — 800.255.4134 — for a free initial evaluation of your case.