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Injured Idaho workers often call our office complaining that their employer wouldn’t file a work injury claim with the Idaho Industrial Commission or the workers’ compensation insurance carrier. An employer that won’t file a Notice of Injury may be an employer that will make your Idaho workers’ compensation claim more difficult than it should be. It could even result in denied claim.

If you’ve suffered an Idaho work accident, and your employer won’t file a claim, The Idaho Industrial Commission recommends: “Contact the Industrial Commission immediately to report this activity and to request a First Report of Injury form. Completely filling out and filing the First Report of Injury with the Commission will register your claim.”

You can also contact an experienced Idaho workers’ compensation attorney regarding your work injury to learn your rights and see if need legal help.

At Goicoechea Law, LLC, we help Idaho’s injured workers in all phases of the work injury process – from filing the notice of injury to taking your case to the Idaho Supreme Court. If you’ve suffered an Idaho work comp injury and you’re not sure of your rights, contact an experienced Idaho workers’ compensation lawyer to request a FREE case review.

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