Idaho Workers’ Compensation

Idaho Workers' Compensation

Idaho's injured workers often face an uphill battle trying to get wage loss, medical, and disability benefits after a work injury. The workers' compensation attorneys at Goicoechea Law Offices, LLP, have decades of experience representing Idaho's injured workers in Idaho Industrial Commission Proceedings. If you've been hurt at work, Contact our experienced lawyers for a free case evaluation.

The following information relates primarily to Idaho Workers’ compensation claims, but there are similarities to Workers’ Compensations laws in other states.

Reporting An Idaho Work Injury

  1. Report an accident or injury to your supervisor immediately.
  2. Ask that a Notice of Injury be filed with the Idaho Industrial Commission.
  3. If you need medical attention, see a doctor as soon as possible. Tell the doctor how the work injury happened and where it hurts.
  4. Follow your doctor’s orders – and ask about what you shouldn’t do.
  5. Don’t sign anything without legal advice.
  6. If your Idaho work comp claim is denied or if you are confused, see an attorney.

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